Photography and The Law: Know Your Rights

Venturing into photography can be an intimidating prospect to many individuals around the globe. This is because many of these photographers are not very sure about their rights and responsibilities as far as this hobby or area of speciality is concerned. While specific regulations and rights vary by country, there are general standards that apply to any setting worldwide.

Photographing things that are publicly available is constitutionally allowed in many parts of the world. This includes mostly visible things such as transportation facilities, federal or scenic buildings and public officers carrying out their duties. Unfortunately, there exist stringent law enforcers who may deny people to do photography citing legal requirements. It is a worrying trend because some photographers find themselves being harassed, arrested and even detained.

Often times, there are strict regulations regarding to private property. The owner of the private property sets rules about taking of the photographs. It is greatly advisable to adhere to these rules because disobedience leads to banishment from taking photographs on the private property. Private parties have limited or no rights to detain you against your will. This means that they can be subject to legal action if they harass you.

Police officers should not demand to view your videos or confiscate your stuff without a warrant. This means that the police will never search a photographer’s phone or camera once they make arrests unless warranted. Nevertheless, courts may approve warrant-less of a seizure of a camera based on circumstances. When this happens, the police have no legal right to delete or tamper with the contents of the seized camera whatsoever.

The right to photography does not give one the right to break any other law. For instance trespassing to take photographs may lead to arrests, fine and even conviction under extreme cases. But if you’re just into learning to take cool pictures, then checkout photography for dummies here.

A photographer is allowed to display and even sale the images photographed. The display can be in print media or just physically framed photos.

Illegal Fat Burners!

illegal diet pills

Phenphendrine is a stand out amongst the most illegal fat burners online today. Numerous individuals may hazard their heart well being or sensory system well being by taking it. The motivation behind why this is such an issue and has such a variety of perilous symptoms is on account of it powers your body to act in an unsafe manner. I am alluding to thermogenics. This is the procedure of warming up your body to build digestion system and conceivably smoulder more fat. You can likewise cause long haul impacts that are extreme and incorporate heart mumbles and different breakdowns.

You body would not like to be compelled to do something and truly would like to be nourished simulated substances that it doesn’t perceive as nourishment. When you devour a pill that your body thinks is not sustenance, you get abdominal muscle responses and symptoms which could incorporate numerous things. So in the wake of perusing this you might never what to attempt a fat smouldering pill again. Hold up a second however. There are great supplements out there that work with your body and do help with weight reduction. Discover items with great surveys on them furthermore supported clinical studies and analyses that demonstrate it can do what it guarantees without hurtful repercussions.

Some more illegal fat burners are ones that are basically a caffeinated drink in a pill. Not to say all caffeinated beverages are terrible, however the ones that have a great deal of perk in them with carbonation are not very sound. Diet pills that have comparable fixings are similarly hurtful. You may begin to feel things like some anxiety and conceivably shaking. Rest apnea and broken slumber are additionally impacts.

Results like this happen on the off chance that you take these substances and choose not to do anything a while later. They are stimulants and make your body feel like it has vitality. The issues come when it products off or on the off chance that you don’t smoulder it out of your framework.

At this stage, you will feel exceptionally slow and down. Over the long run of persistent utilization, issues may get to be long haul and relying upon how your body works, life debilitating. An alternate perilous pill that has overflowed the business and get to be illegal in a few nations is phentermine. This is virtually a hard medication and ought not be mistaken for other more protected fat blazing supplements like Phen375. Phentermine is like Phenphendrine yet repackaged with some distinctive promoting and PR. It is still risky with unsafe fixings that can for all time hurt your framework. Stay away from this at all times and don’t hazard your well being for the fake guarantee of weight reduction.

Mental Health Law

Mental Health Law generally covers a wide range of legal topics pertaining to individuals/parties who have been diagnosed with mental health conditions, and the parties involved in treating or managing people with such conditions.

Mental health and the law interrelate in various ways. The term “competence” refers to the legal conclusion that a person has the ability to enter into a binding contract, transfer assets, or participate in legal proceedings.

Laws concerned with Mental Health Law

There are several laws that are related to mental health legislation matters. They include:

Criminal laws-they are laws that govern mental fitness for a suspect’s trial or execution, and the defence of those who are insane Education laws-they include laws which prohibit discrimination against the mentally challenged, those requiring realistic accommodations, and equitable access to services or programs.

Employment laws-these are laws which prohibit discrimination in employment, based on mental health conditions, requirement of realistic accommodations at the office, and granting of leave to people with mental health conditions. Insurance laws-they are laws that govern coverage of mental health by insurance companies, Social Security Disability Insurance, and employees’ compensation.

Housing laws-concerned with zoning, and discrimination against the mentally-challenged in housing. Laws providing for the right to treatment of patients suffering from mental health conditions. Laws concerned with guardianship and involuntary confinement. Laws related to professionals who treat patients with mental health conditions, their licensing, medical malpractice and confidentiality. The laws that govern admission of the testimony of experts, or any psychiatric evidence produced in court.

Sources of Mental Health Law

Mental health law may involve aspects that are civil, criminal, or statutory in nature.

Common law has its basis on the English legal principles, usually interpreted using case law.

The two major legal concepts concerned with mental health are insanity defences, and men’s area.

Other mental health concepts are; the legal definitions of automatism, sanity, insanity, incompetence, and informed consent.

Statutory law assumes the nature of mental health statutes, for instance, England and Wales’ Mental Health Act of 1983. Such acts cover components of the treatment of mental illness, and also make provisions for procedures and rules to be observed, and the penalties in case they are breached.

Mental Health Law in different regions

According to a recent report by the World Health Organization, only 59% of countries in Africa have proper mental health legislations. In America, the percentage is 73%, 72% in the Western Pacific, 59% in the Eastern Mediterranean, 67% in South East Asia, and an overwhelming 96% in Europe.

However, mental health concerns which would normally be caused by high levels of anxiety can be cope with proper remedies. One of the best program today is called the Panic Away program.

It is Legal to sing in the public, but Why the arrest?

Despite the fact that MTA rule and New York Authority allows musicians to perform in the sub way and in the streets, it is shocking to learn that the cops have taken the advantage to arrest our favorite musicians while the try to entertain us in the subways of the New York City. Recently Andrew Kalleen, a Capella singer, is one the latest musicians to be arrested by the police on the false basis of being accused that he was loitering and not singing. This confronts us to ask ourselves the question Is it legal to sing in public?

Although the state law prohibits loitering in the streets, it is indisputable to say that the police acted unlawfully by arresting the singer and forcefully handcuffing him with the escort of several back ups like a convicted criminal.

However, it may be right to state that the police were acting according to their will and not by the law since most of the arrests which have been made are on the false basis of loitering while on the real sense a musician was giving a street performance. It is true to say that the police have found a means to justify their actions and continue arresting innocent musicians who are exercising their talents and giving people the best of the entertainment.

Although we can say the law might be contradicting by allowing commercial street performance at the same time banning loitering in the streets for the purpose of business, it is still unconvincing to find a reason why the police would act this way. Mathew Christian, an advocate of street dance and an activist found no reason why the police would arrest musicians performing in the sub ways and in the end finding nothing to charge against them.

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This form of arrests can be petty offenses committed by the police in which we can say it is out of ignorance of the law or biased reasons by the cops which needs to be acted against by all means. Ignorance or biasness cannot be the reason to stop musicians from street performance and more so the subways. Proper measures must be put in place to allow freedom of performance and exercise of talents by young musicians.

A Human Rights Crusade


If there was ever a situation that violated the rights of our fellow human beings it would be the crisis going on in Iraq right now. There is a group of thugs going around in northern Iraq who are persecuting anyone that they feel believes or sometimes even looks different from them; they are the embodiment of intolerance. This group going by the name of ISIS has decimated the Christian population of northern Iraq, herding them up onto mountains and threatening to cut their heads off. This is persecution on a biblical level, being led to the mountain top for the slaughter. Even more sickening this group of supposed holy men have been reported to steal women from villages after killing their husbands, and then spiriting them away to get, “married”, nothing quite as romantic as seeing your husband’s head cut off and then have an ISIS thug propose to you. It is so sickening and ridiculous it makes your skin crawl. It is really amazing that these barbaric idiots can even pretend with a straight face that they have any kind of divine mission, when they know deep down that they are just criminal barbarians pretending to have a religious purpose. This nonsense has been going on in Northern Iraq for several months now.

It is always so sad and shocking to see these horrible human rights abuses running rampant in our modern age. But we can’t just sit by and let them happen, it doesn’t matter how far away, or what part of the world it is, we must get mobilized to protect the universal human rights of dignity and justice. These kinds of acts can not stand. I understand the hesitancy of the United States and world community, especially after the disastrous war in 2003, but enough is enough, we have to protect those that can not protect themselves. Someone has to take a stand. ISIS refers to the west as Crusader’s, well yes, if it takes a crusade to stop these brutal idiots, then I will gladly take part in running the campaign.

I don’t want to get too tangled up in history here, but I think it is funny that when the west tries to aid they are very often likened to the crusaders of the middle ages who were so often blindly criticized. Well guess what? Even though the crusaders did some brutal actions of their own later on, they were initially called upon for a good reason, they were initially summoned because of the distress of a little known city of the time called Constantinople. Islamic armies had been hammering away at the Christian city for years, murdering and pillaging all along the way. With enemies encircling them on all sides the walls of this Eastern Orthodox Christian Kingdom were about to fall down, so what did they do? They called upon their western Christian counterparts in Rome for help. So the Pope called for a crusade to help these poor Christians that were being overrun. So at least in the beginning it was unwarranted brutality against Christians that caused the pope to call for a crusade. People forget that part. The crusades were originally a rescue mission.

In the end of course Constantinople was overrun its citizens were butchered and the invading Islamic forces renamed it Istanbul. The remaining Christians there that survived the slaughter had their remaining human rights extinguished and faded away from history. We can not let this happen again this time in northern Iraq. We have to drive out these fascists that are persecuting religious minorities and make sure that the governments that come after them are tolerant and allow religious freedom and the guarantee of basic human rights. This is a Crusade that I would gladly call for.

Don’t get too caught up in the easy game of blame the west. It is an easy game to play, but when you see stories of random aid workers getting picked up off the street for no other reason than they look different from their captors or happen to come from the wrong country, just think of that, and you know exactly who we are dealing with. These are murdering and discriminatory sociopaths who are killing anyone they don’t like or they feel is different from them. They are the worst segment of any society trying to take over geographic terrain and institute their psychotic agenda, they must be stopped.

Educating the Bully

I just saw an intriguing documentary on bullying. This YouTube video highlighted an aspect of bullying that most are not aware. The video focused on the fact that Bullies really only go after those that seem socially isolated, they are drawn to those that seem to not have any kind of a friend base. Contrary to some popular belief, the school yard bully does not just pounce on nerds, or certain nerdy behavior. You could be the biggest nerd in school but if you were well known because of your chess and photo club activity and had 8 other nerdy friends. The bully will most likely leave you alone. So it isn’t nerd behavior that draws the bully, it is the friendless and socially isolated.

This is something that I knew all too well growing up. You see we moved around a lot during my childhood, and I remember every time I moved to a new school how vulnerable that initial social isolation was, if I didn’t instantly make some friends, I started to feel like a target to that bully lurking around the corner. I specifically remember different new schools I went to when I didn’t make friends fast enough, and then being targeted by the local bully. The goofiest thing was though, as soon as I made a couple of friends, the bully backed off. It is quite a strange social function in school that this bully seems to think it is his duty to pressure the friendless into fitting in.

I was a pretty cool kid, I was a musician, had a good sense of humor, and pretty good social ability. I just moved around a lot because my dad was in the military. But every time I switched schools, just the fact that I was new temporarily put me in the ranks of the more permanent social outcasts of the school. I clearly remember this phenomenon. I remember times of being picked on my first week and then after the bully realized my social potential, and seeing my friend making ability, would shrug it off and be like, “you’re all right man, I just didn’t know about you cuz you were new”.

The Right to be Well

A lot has been said in recent weeks about this Ebola epidemic. There has been a lot of fear generated because of the outbreak of this disease. The first instinct is to isolate and quarantine to prevent the spread of the illness. The patient is immediately placed in complete isolation. His belongings are burned, his family is taken away for further quarantine, and even his pets are euthanized just in case they too have the illness.


This is exactly what happened to Derek Rumpkin, a 40 year old man who recently flew from Liberia to the United States already infected with Ebola. What kind of rights did Mr. Rumpkin have in this dire situation? Unfortunately and devastatingly for his family, Derek Rumpkin has already passed away, he finally succumbed to the disease last Saturday. But while he was still in quarantine fighting this illness what kind of rights, what kind of say so did he still have left on his own behalf.

According to the CDC rights have to be forfeited to prevent contagion to spread. It is obvious that when it comes to a Pandemic such as Ebola there must be drastic measure undertaken to prevent the spread of the illness, but does this mean that all of your rights in regard to the situation have evaporated in order to protect the public from your illness? In the sad case of Mr. Rumpkin, his final wishes and those of his family are not even taken into effect after he has died. His family can not even decide how to bury their loved one. Since his dead body is still riddled with the disease the Center for Disease Control has to decide how to dispose of it. The CDC will most likely incinerate Derek Rumpkin’s remains, since that is viewed as the safest way to eliminate the disease that is still living in his corpse. This is pretty scary stuff right? A governmental entity not even allowing a family to bury their loved ones properly, but it is a delicate balance. This is the sort of grey zone where the safety of the public is considered paramount and trumps the rights of the individual.

Although I of course acknowledge that there needs to be certain procedures and protocols in place to deal with deadly and contagious diseases. The one thing that really bothered me about this case was the blame factor. While Mr. Rumpkin was in critical condition fighting for his life, their were efforts underway to legally prosecute him for providing false information in regard to his illness. You see, Derek Rumpkin had just left West Africa, and upon leaving was questioned about his contact with Ebola. In his exit interview he was directly asked, “Did you come into contact with anyone with Ebola?” He answered no. Later on in the hospital he admitted that he had lied and had actually helped a pregnant Liberian woman to the hospital, this is believed to be how he contracted the illness. This extra pressure of legal ramification should not be applied to someone in critical condition. Once the patient is here he should have the right to receive adequate treatment regardless of the circumstances of his arrival.